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This page is our Database of Wearable technology companies. Covering companies in Wearable tech, wearable devices, and associated technologies.

Wearable technology has come a long way and firmly implanted itself into the public consciousness in 2015. Wearable tech companies and brands are now commonplace as more and more people adopt wearables into their everyday lives.

From wearable fitness technology to lifesaving and crucial wearable technology health care makers, they are all represented here. Some wearable products from these companies are now available on the shop shelves. Some have either tanked, or become consumer successes. In areas such as smartwatches and Virtual or Augmented reality headsest, quite a lot of progress has been made.

Yet more wearable technology examples are still works in progress but are still hotly anticipated. (PlayStation VR/ Oculus etc)

Behind these technologies are some of the world’s most promising and innovative wearable technology companies.

Wearable Technology Companies - Samsung-Gear-VR-Innovator-Edition-Virtual-Reality-for-Galaxy-S6-and-Galaxy-S6-Edge-0-6

This is our Wearable tech companies Database:

Wearable Technology Companies:


Wearable Technology companies- fitbit

  • FitBitPerhaps one of the most popular and well known wearable tech brands. FitBit’s activity and fitness trackers and its proprietary wearable fitness technology are the pioneers in this space. Wearable tech healthcare is indeed currently the focus of many wearable technology devices and companies at the moment.Popular Products: Fitbit ChargeFitbit Surge

  • top 5 wearable technology companies - Apple Watch Sport CollectionApple: Apple stormed to the top of wearable technology companies lists when it released the Apple Watch earlier this year. The Cupertino based tech behemoth brought wearable technology into the public conciousness with the Apple Watch. Popular ProductsAppl

    e Watch

  • Wearable Technology companies- XiaomiXiaomi experienced massive growth thanks to the Chinese company dominating market share in its home country.  The success comes from a  combination of  its inexpensive entry into wearable tech, the Mi Band and a complete focus on the company’s local market, China. Xiaomi continues to make inroads into western markets and has added the Mi Band Pulse to its line-up of wearable devices. Popular Products: Mi Band, Mi Band Pulse

  • Garmin: The American company makes the list at number 4 thanks to its range of activity trackers and smartwatches. Garmin has managed to keep hold of this position in the market because of its focus on accessible wearables for everyday pursuits such as running, swimming, or golf.Popular Products: Garmin VivofitGarmin Smartwatches

  • TC /(BBK) : XTC is a subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate  BBK and makes the list thanks to its debut product the XTC Y01. The Y01 is a children’s smartwatch with integrated phone capabilities that has taken mainland China by storm. BBK shifted over 700 000 units of the XTC Yo1 to beat Samsung by over a hundred thousand units to nab fifth place.

    Wearable Technology companies- Jawbone Logo

  • JawBone: One of the first Wearable technology companies in the industry together with FitBit above. JawBone’s products are also mainly aimed at health and fitness. Popular ProductsJawbone UP fitness trackers

  • Sony/PlayStation VR: Initially codenamed Project Morpheus, PlayStation VR is Sony’s foray into wearables. The Japanese gaming giant hopes to provide leading VR gaming content and experiences to its legions of fans.

  • Microsoft  – As with Sony, Microsoft is aiming to stake a claim in the wearable devices race with Hololens. The only difference is that Microsoft has gone for Holographic technology, rather than VR.

  • GoPro – The go-to brand for wearable action and sport camera’s, go-pro is now also moving into virtual reality content. GoPro makes this list of wearable technology companies because their products can essentially be strapped to the body for recording footage.

  • Oculus Rift – Now owned by FaceBook, Oculus began life on KickStarter and burst into the public conciousness with its promise of Virtual Reality gaming and more. A blockbuster campaign also meant that VR would soon go mainstream with many wearable tech companies coming out of the woodwork.

    Wearable Technology companies-samsung

  • Samsung: The South Korean technology Giant entered the wearables market with its range of smartwatches. Samsung also makes the Oculus powered Gear VR headset pictured above.

Wearable Technology Companies :ODG-logo-large

  • OSTERHOUT DESIGN GROUPThe company has spent most of its time developing military grade Augmented Reality systems for the military and NASA, and caught the industry by surprise when they announced they planned to release a pair of consumer grade augmented reality glasses in 2015. Proucts include ODG Smart Glasses, bluetooth enabled wearable technology glasses that do not require a phone to use, so it doesn’t need to be tethered.


  • Polyera – Polyera is a flexible electronics company that has created the Wove Band, a wearable device with a flexible display. The Wove band is made possible thanks to Polyera’s Digital Fabric Technology™. This is one of wearable technology examples whose potential apllications go beyond their immediate industry. The device is set to be the world’s first product that will feature a flexible display when it is released in 2016.

  • Blocks Wearables – Makers of the Blocks Modular Smartwatch, a smartwatch that lets owners build their own smart timepieces using module blocks of their choice. Blocks gives users the freedom of choice in creating a smartwatch that is unique to them. Wearable technology reviews about blocks have so far been positive.

  • Fove: Fove makes the Fove VR Headset, which makes use of foveated rendering to make user interactions possible using eye movements. Its graphics engine can track where users are focusing their eyes, and then move views accordingly using those eye movements only. One of the most exiting wearable tech companies, Fove claims that the headset can be used with PCs, smartphones and even tablets.

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