SignalWear Smart Motorcycle Gloves Increase Biker’s Visibility and Safety

SignalWear, a Denver-based startup has come up with a simple but ingenious wearable tech solution for increasing the visibility and safety of motorcyclists. Signal Wear smart motorcycle gloves were created by the company’s founder, Christopher De Baca,  an avid and long term biker himself after he was involved in  an accident. De Baca’s invention looks to reduce the number of accidents that occur to motorcyclists due to their signals not being seen by other road users.

SignalWear Looks to Solve a Critical Issue for Bikers

After experiencing a life-changing road traffic accident in 2012, Christopher De Baca got a big wake up a call. The keen rider discovered that most motorcycle accidents occurred when riders were turning or making lane changes.

SignalWearTiltThis meant that visibility was an issue with motorbike riders’ signals not being seen, particularly in adverse weather conditions. As a result, De Baca founded SignalWear and the patent pending wearable technology solution was born.

Most motorcycle riders enjoy the thrill and freedom of the open road, but they also face more hazards than other roadusers. And this is where SignalWear’s smart gloves come in, -improving the visibility of riders’ hand signals and in turn, their safety. To bring its ingenious wearable to market, the start-up has turned to crowdfunding site KickStarter to raise funds. At the time of writing the campaign has raised just over $5,000 of a $25, 000 goal. The Signal Wear campaign runs until Fri, May 19 2017.

Pledges for the fundraising effort range from $10 up to $5,000 with rewards ranging from just a sign of support to pit crew experiences with a motorcycle racing team, among others. Around $100 gets you a pair of the smart gloves, although they are limited at this price. And there are also T-shirts, caps,  and wholesale options available too.

Consequently, with around 70% of motorcycle accidents being attributed to surrounding motorists, the campaign should see lots of support from bikers. Furthermore, the smart motorcycle gloves are also a great wearable in themselves.

SignalWear Smart Motorcycle Gloves Key Features

SignalWear Smart Motorcycle Gloves features

The SignalWear Smart Motorcycle Gloves feature a unique three-way activation design. However, the most ingenious thing about Signal Wear’s gloves is that they do not change the way motorcyclists ride. Bikers already wear gloves, and use hand-signals. But the Denver start-up has upgraded the accessory to be a connected, and potentially lifesaving wearable device.

Other key features of the gloves include Bluetooth-enabled GPS, thumb touch activation, and a rechargeable USB connection. Design features are the all-important super-bright LED’s on the top of the gloves, and a useful gel palm grip. SignalWear smart motorcycle gloves also come with an easy tuck tongue and moisture-wicking lining for added comfort. Made out of 100% cow leather these gloves should prove to be pretty durable and robust even with daily use.

The thumb touch feature works when a rider presses their thumb on a forefinger, which turns on the LED light signal. The motorcyclist simply needs to release to turn the light off. The lighting can also be activated when a rider twists their wrist. The Bluetooth enabled GPS is in development to send directions to the SignalWear gloves. This can be unlocked with more funding.

Its too early to tell whether the project gets fully funded and off the ground. But what is certain is the benefits that the SignalWear Smart Motorcycle Gloves have to offer motorcyclists. And with wearables facing declining interest solutions such as these are more than welcome. Consequently, visibility in adverse weather conditions is one of the biggest issues for motor bike riders on the road. Signal Wear’s innovative smart gloves look to solve this and hopefully many people will back their KickStarter campaign.

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